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Create more interest in a property using professional images. 

High levels of light and distortion-free wide angles can make rooms look their best, as can use of high dynamic ranges (HDR) to show rooms off in a similar way to how we see them in real life, with the outside visible through the windows.

 An EPC floorplan service is also available if required.

Please note, images are blurred whilst loading and loadling speed subject to connection speed. Photo quality is reduced and some images are cropped by the online gallery. Originals available upon request..


Prices are highly competitive and pre-agreed before shooting. In some cases, free test shoots are available. 

I proudly treat all my clients in the same confidential way. I am easy to get hold of on the telephone or Whatsapp, just a short call away at any time on

+44 (0) 7875 320 450

Location need not be an issue and I will consider a shoot anywhere in Europe. 

I utilise industry standard gear such as a full frame Canon (EOS 5D MkII/III) with professional prime and zoom lenses including dedicated "real estate" 12-24 ultra wide angle, plus a creative 24-70 f2.8. Both of these reach the Canon L series standard. If needed I also have a location strobe with 1.4m octabox and light diffusers as well as rugged Manfrotto tripods which allow for long exposure times. Indoors, HDR bracketing at up to +/- 6 EV  preserves the clarity of view through the windows whilst allowing extremely bright and inviting interiors.


Contact me anytime on 07875 320450

I'm happy to arrange a free test shoot


Based in Exeter, Devon EX2.

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